Second South Cheatham Utility District

Serving Southern Cheatham County since 1964

Although some of Second South Cheatham Utility District's may find various sewer charges on their water bills, SSCUD only maintains a potable water utility. 
The sewer systems are owned and maintained by the two local governments listed below.  Each town has a contract with SSCUD to bill and receive payments for their sewer services.  This is the only affiliation that SSCUD has with these sewer systems.  Any other questions about the sewer systems, including rates and sewer fees not described in the links above, should be directed to the customer's respective town owning the sewer system serving them.

Town of Kingston Spring

(615) 952-2110

PO Box 256
396 Spring Street
Kingston Springs, TN 37082

City of Pegram

(615) 646-0773

PO Box 249
308 Highway 70
Pegram, TN 37143