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Safe to Drink. Refreshing to Taste.

When you drink water provided by Second South Cheatham Utility District, you can be confident that you’re drinking quality water that is safe and has been tested for contaminants.

Water Quality

At Second South Cheatham Utility District, your safety is our priority. We provide contaminant-free drinking water to customers in Kingston Springs, Tennessee and Pegram, Tennessee.

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

The Second South Cheatham Utility District annually publishes and posts its CCR Report in many public places for all of SSCUD's customers and any other interested parties to view. The CCR is mandated by EPA.


The report lets the consumer view the different tests performed on the water per EPA standards. The report also lets the consumer know if any contaminants were found after testing the water and what the contaminant levels may be. To view the current report for the testing completed in 2023, click here. 

For any further information on the quality of your drinking water, you may contact Chief Plant Operator Justin Hedgepath at (615) 952-5088.

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